Frankfurt to Jerusalem

Today I traveled from Frankfurt to Jerusalem.

The first step was to get from my hotel to the Frankfurt airport and meet up with the two other members of our team. The other two were just off a long flight from Boston.

We then boarded the plane to Tel Aviv which was about a four hour flight.

Tel Aviv Airport, Arrivals Hall, Balloons on CeilingI took this picture in the arrivals hall of the airport. I really like the big tall columns here, but what really caught my eye were all the balloons on the ceiling. When people are meeting friends or families they will often bring balloons for them. In the excitement of meeting they will often float away and collect on the ceiling.

Imperial Hotel, Jerusalem, Jaffa GateFrom the airport we had an interesting shuttle bus ride to Jerusalem where we checked into the Imperial Hotel near the Jaffa Gate.

Dome of the Rock, Mount of Olives

We have a nice view of Jerusalem from the roof of the hotel. Here you can see the Dome of the Rock and the Mount of Olives.

Jacob's Pizza, Jerusalem, Non-Kosher PizzaWe decided to have dinner at Jacob’s Pizza. It is difficult to find restaurants that are open on Friday night, but those that are run by Christians are usually open. Of course that means we can also get some real pizza that has both meat and cheese.

Temple Mount, Western Wall, Beginning of Sabbath

After dinner we walked around the old city of Jerusalem and also visited the Western Wall.

Here is a picture that I took of the Temple Mount before we went to the Western Wall. Since it is the beginning of the Sabbath we could not take pictures there.

Now for some sleep before a long day of walking through the city tomorrow.


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