Walkway Expansion

Years ago I constructed a walkway down the side of my house using Mendocino concrete pavers. The walkway is how I access my backyard from the front of the house.

Walkway to Backyard, mendocino pavers, concrete paversThe plan was to have grass between the walkway and the fence. However, I have tried to grow grass there several times and it just hasn’t worked out. Especially with the last couple of years where we have had to limit watering and the fact that I have to water it by hand.

trunk load of pavers, mendocino pavers, concrete paversFor quite some time I have contemplated expanding the pathway so that it fills most of the space up to the fence. Today I finally decided to get started.

When I first made the walkway I would buy about 25-30 pavers at a time as I could not fit all that I needed into my car in one trip. On Saturday evenings I would go pick up the pavers, eat dinner at a nearby Chinese restaurant and then go home and unload them. Either during the week or the next Saturday I would lay the stones and then repeat the process.

Since I have a few days off of work this week I decided to go buy the first batch for the expansion.

Walkway to Backyard, mendocino pavers, concrete paversIt was really too hot to work on leveling the ground and laying the pavers correctly, but I wanted to at least see how they would look and how many additional rows I would need.

Walkway to Backyard, mendocino pavers, concrete paversI unloaded the trunk and stacked the pavers that I bought today along the fence. They are now ready for me to get to work sometime soon.

It was way to hot today with the temperature in the upper 90’s. I think I will wait until the temperature is in the low 80’s.

Walkway to Backyard, mendocino pavers, concrete paversIn the meantime I can go pick up more pavers.  I probably have another three or four more trips to make.

I am looking at the picture above and visualizing what the pathway will look like when I am done.

Anybody want to come help?



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One Response to Walkway Expansion

  1. That looks like quite a bit of work to do. Kudos to you for taking that on.

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