Old Amish Houses

Today a distant cousin shared a news item on Facebook from WAND TV of Decatur, Illinois. You can read the complete article by clicking on the following link: 19th Century Amish Homes set for a Big Move

Google Maps, Arthur Illinois, AmishThe article was about two old Amish homes near Arthur, Illinois that had been saved from demolition about 17 years ago. One of them was built sometime around 1865 and was the home of my 3rd Great Grandfather Moses Yoder. I am a descendant of his son Jeremiah and my cousin who shared the article is a descendant of his son Levi.

The Google map above shows the location of Arthur, Illinois. I have visited Arthur a few times over the years to visit Amish relatives that live there.

Amish Homes, Yoder, Miller, Arthur Illinois, StorageThe article mentioned that the the old houses were currently stored behind Yoder’s Kitchen, so I decided to see if I could find them on Google Maps. Since I have eaten at Yoder’s Kitchen with some of my Amish relatives I knew where to look.

In the picture above you can see the two houses. I am not sure which of them is the home of Moses Yoder.

Moses Yoder, Arthur, Illinois, Amish, Oldest Amish HomesI also looked at Google Street View to see if I could get another view of the houses. This is from October 2015 and you can see that they were doing some restoration work on one of them.

Arthur, Illinois, Google MapsThe two homes will be moved next Tuesday to a new location just down the road near Chesterville. They will be part of an interactive display at a museum and heritage center where people will have the chance to walk through an Amish home.

Moses Yoder House, Arthur Illinois, Genealogy, Amish, Family HistoryThe picture above is from the article. It shows the two old Amish homes ready for transport. The article states that the Yoder house will begin the move by being hitched to a team of eight horses. After the ceremonial part of the move is complete they will then be pulled the rest of the way by a modern truck.

I will definitely be watching for news coverage of this event on Tuesday. I have made sure that I have saved a link to WAND TV as I am sure they will have a news crew covering the event.

Now to figure out when the house will be ready to visit at the new location and plan a trip.


I will hopefully have some links to add here sometime next week after the move is complete.

See my post Amish House Move for more pictures and links to the project site.



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    Thank You for sharing this

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