The Barnyard Dog II

Two years ago I wrote a post about The Barnyard Dog.

Barnyard Dog, dogs, pets, country dogsMy friends now have a new barnyard dog. Unfortunately the first Barnyard Dog was hit by a truck earlier this year. Even though I miss the original Barnyard Dog I am really starting to like the second one.

Isn’t this a pretty dog? I like her because she is not too big. I have a bit of an aversion to big dogs.

Barnyard Dog, dogs, pets, country dogsShe always meets me when I pull up in Old Blue and will walk with me to the house. She also will not go running off all over the place like the first Barnyard Dog.

Barnyard Dog, dogs, pets, country dogsDoesn’t she look so happy in this picture?

Here you can see a nice big black spot on her back. I really like the patterns and coloration of her fur.

California Barn, Country Barn, Red Barn, BarnyardShe definitely rules the barnyard and unfortunately has banished Tarragon to the other side of the barn.

Cat - Barn Cat - Feline - Tarragon - Pretty CatI now have to go for a bit of a walk to go spend some time with my favorite cat.

It is nice to have friends with pets when you are away from home too much to have one of your own.


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