Tonight just some pictures of dogs as I took a longer than planned walk and have just a bit of time for a blog post. While walking I usually think of what I am going to write, but tonight nothing was coming together.

Then I thought of some pictures I took on Sunday and decided that I would share one of the pictures along with some others.

Dog, posing for cameraIt is not always easy getting dogs to pose for the camera. This is the picture that I took on Sunday afternoon. This dog is a really nice dog, although sometimes it gets a bit too affectionate.

Although I like dogs I am sometimes a bit leery around them especially if they are big dogs.

Great Dane, Large Dog, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaSpeaking of big dogs, here is a really big Great Dane that I saw quite often during a trip to Argentina. A young lady in the neighborhood of the hotel would be out walking with him most every evening.

Panting Dog, Hot Day, Barnyard Dog, Orchard Dog, 100 degree dayI miss The Barnyard Dog. This dog was so full of energy that it hardly ever held still for a picture.

Dog, welcome, orchard dog, barnyard dogIt is much easier to get a picture the The Barnyard Dog II.

Kangal Dog, Guardian Dog, Turkey, Anatolian ShepherdThis Anatolian Shepherd is definitely one that I would be a bit leery around. Check out the spiked collar.

Pat, Long Hair Chihuahua, Family Dog, National Dog DayThis is more the size I like. Pat was my dog while growing up. She was just the right size for me and was also a loving, affectionate dog.


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  1. It could be national dog day, for you! Thanks for posting.

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