Too Hot Today in Shanghai

It is simply too hot today in Shanghai to think about going outside and doing anything.

I may not even leave the hotel today, but may be tempted to go out in the evening once it cools off a bit.

Shanghai Temps, High Temperatures, Hot Temperatures, Heat IndexHere is a shot from AccuWeather last night giving the current temperature and the forecast.

The temperatures for today is supposed to be 38 degrees Celsius, but the RealFeel or Heat Index is 54 degrees.

Temperatures, Weather forecast, heat index, AccuWeatherFor my Celsius challenged friends, here is the same information in Fahrenheit.

The temperature does not see too bad at 100 degrees, but the Heat Index is 129 degrees!

Can you image 129 degrees?

California temperatures, July Heat, Fahrenheit, heat indexHere is a screen shot last night for the weather back home in California. The forecast for today, which is tomorrow in California is also 38 degrees, but the RealFeel is also just 38 degrees. You can also see that the night temperatures are much lower.

Temperatures, California, Heat Wave, Heat IndexFor most of my readers, you can identify with this graphic better. It was only 57 degrees at 5:27 am and the forecast high for Saturday is 100 degrees.

So why the big difference in the RealFeel temperature? Why is 100 degrees in Shanghai hotter than 100 degrees in California?

High Humidity, Shanghai, Summer Weather, RealFeel Temps, AccuWeather

It all comes down to humidity. The humidity right now in Shanghai is 71% and back home in California it is only 19%.

I am glad that I don’t have to work outside today.

It feels like a good day to stay inside and read 🙂


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