Night Kites

Last night I was out walking after it had cooled down a bit. The heat index was still over 100 degrees, but at least the sun was not beating down.

Night Kites, Flying Kites at Night, LED Patterns, Kite Flying

I was taking pictures of high rise apartments under construction and noticed something interesting in the sky.

I could see patterns of light in the sky and at first thought that maybe a blimp was passing over the area. However, they were not moving much and did not seem high enough for a blimp.

I decided to wander further along the street to see what was going on.

Shanghai, Night Kites, Kite Flying, LED KitesI soon figured out that they were kites that had LEDs on the bodies and also long tails of LEDs hanging from them.

Kite Flying, Kite String Reel, Night KitesI finally made it to where they were flying the kites. Here you can see one of the reels for the kite sting. They definitely have some neat equipment for flying the kites.

There were about five or six kites in the air. The area is near the coast so there is a good breeze that kept the kites in the air.

Shanghai, Pudong, Closed Street, Street Life in China, Evening WalkThe kites were being flown from an area where a street has been closed off. I had walked through this area several times when I was here back in January, but there were never more than a few people around as I walked through the three to four block area.

Last night the area was full of life. There were runners, walkers and bikers. There were kids, young people, old people, couples and families in the area. There were even several young couples playing badminton. The street was basically a big park. I really enjoyed walking down the street and observing the people.

Of course when I was here in January the temperatures were around 80 degrees cooler when I was out walking. To be honest, it is much more comfortable to walk when it is 20 degrees than when it is 100 degrees.

LED Kite, Night Kites, Shanghai, Pudong, Kite FlyingI had walked about three blocks past where the kites were to the end of the closed off area, and when I turned around I saw that they were starting to reel the kites back in. The winds were starting to abate as the difference in temperature between land and sea started to drop.

Here you can see one of the kites just as it reached the ground. It was hard to get a good picture as the LED patterns were shifting and my camera could not get a good read for the automatic settings. However, this is one of those times that a blurry picture shows the atmosphere of the evening.

LED Kite, Night Kite, Shanghai, Kite Flying, Pudong, ChinaHere you can really see the size of the kite and also the network of LEDs. It was a neat experience to see the kites up close.

I then headed back to my hotel, which was a couple of kilometers away. By the time I arrived back my shirt was soaked as there was no longer an onshore breeze to help keep me dry. Just as I got back the offshore breeze was beginning to come up, but I was ready to cool off in the AC.

Maybe I will go and see if they are flying kites again this evening.


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