Ice Cream

Thinking of summertime and ice cream treats tonight.

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Zesto drive-in - Jefferson City, Missouri - Banana Shake - Snack Food - Ice Cream - Memories - 1940's - FranchiseIf only Zesto was a bit closer, then I could go get a nice Banana Shake.

Apricot Ice Cream, Two Scoops in a Cup, Patterson, California, Apricot FiestaOr, if it was Apricot Fiesta time I could have a nice cup of Apricot ice Cream.

Cherry Blossom Ice Cream - Shabu-Shabu - Ice CreamAnother memory is the wonderful scoop of Cherry Blossom ice cream that I had at a Shabu-Shabu restaurant in Tokyo earlier this year.

Ice Cream with cornflakes - Vanilla Ice Cream - Kyushu Japanese - Neutral Bay - DessertSometimes I like to just have a nice bowl of Vanilla ice cream like this one at one of my favorite Japanese restaurants, Kyushu Sushi in Neutral Bay, New South Wales.

Mexican Vanilla Ice Cream - Ice Cream with Flower - Food Presentation - DessertsPeople often make fun of me when I say that my favorite ice cream flavor is Vanilla. But, Vanilla ice cream can be full of flavor like this wonderful Mexican Vanilla ice cream I had in Mexico City.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?


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7 Responses to Ice Cream

  1. Glenda McDougal says:

    Vanilla also.

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