Today I am fenceless on one side of my backyard.

Fenced Backyard, yard, droughtHere is my backyard from last weekend. You can see that it is all fenced in.

Fence, backyard, leaning fence, propped fenceHere is a closer look at the fence. You can see that it is being propped up by a couple of boards.

You can also see the nice brown grass since one of the sprinklers does not work right because of the leaning fence.

Fenceless back yard, fence replacementHere is my view this morning. The fence is gone. The neighbor and his brother removed it last night and today they are starting to build a new one. I am paying for most of the supplies since I will not be able to help them build it.

Clear View, No Fence, Fence ReplacementHere is a similar view to the one above of the side yard. You can see that there is no fence. I actually like the open view, but this is California and we have to have our fences. Plus, I don’t want to pick up after all the neighborhood dogs who would play in my backyard.

I can already hear the construction noise as I finish packing and prepare to leave on my trip.

I will come home to a new view.


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3 Responses to Fenceless

  1. Debbie Faling says:

    You have a nice shade tree. I like privacy fences. You know how to plan your trip to get out of work! 😉

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