Mower Down

One of the important tasks to complete today was to get my yard mowed.

Back yard, overgrown, time to mow Here is a picture of my backyard that I took yesterday. After being on the road for three weeks the grass was a bit high. To the right you can see that even small trees are popping up from the roots of the tree in my backyard.

The front yard was just as bad and both needed some attention

Agapanthus, Hot Weather, Summer, FlowersMy poor Agapanthus plant was in bad shape. The hot weather had taken a toll on it. I am not sure if it can recover, but the flowers still looked pretty even if they were laying on the ground.

You can see here how tall the grass was.

Mowing the Yard, Tall Grass, Mower Down, Broken Mower, electric MowerThis afternoon I got to work on the lawn. I quickly finished the front yard and then started to work in the back.

I was almost done when all of a sudden the mower went dead. I had noticed earlier this year that the mower was not working the same as before and had started thinking of replacing it. I guess now the decision has been made.

I could try and get this one fixed, but I think that I will look for one with a rechargeable battery so that I don’t have to drag a cord around while I mow.

Sun and Shadows, Back Yard, Freshly Mowed, New FenceSince it was Mower Down, I had to finish the last little section with the trimmer. I won’t be able to do that the next time. I will have to get a new mower before I leave on my next wanderings. Perhaps OSH will have them on sale during this holiday weekend.

In any case the back yard looks a lot better now that it is mowed. I like the mix of sun and shadows in this picture. You can also see my new fence. I am no longer Fenceless.

Now to do some research on mowers.


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