California to Germany

Today I had a long travel day getting from California to Germany. I arrived at my hotel about 20 hours later than the time I left home.

Frankfurt, FRA, Airport TerminalMy arrival into Germany was at the Frankfurt Airport. You can tell that Lufthansa is the major airline here with all of the flags.

Trains, Frankfurt Airport, escalator out of orderAfter picking getting through passport control and picking up my bags the next task was to get to the Fernbahnhof. The Fernbahnhof is where you catch the long distance trains.

Above is not what you want to see when you are hauling all you bags. However, the down escalator was going up, so it worked out. If not there was an elevator.

Train Station, Frankfurt Airport, FernbahnofHere is where IĀ purchased my ticket and then I headed downstairs to the tracks.

Luckily I did not have too long to wait and I was on my way toward Jena.

Jena Paradies Station, DB, trains, Regional TrainI transferred to a Regional train in Erfurt and then it was on to Jena. This is the first station that we stopped at in Jena, but not the one I needed. However, my station was less than 10 minutes down the track and I was soon waiting for the street train to get to my hotel.

Pork Schnitzel, Dinner, German FoodI had a dinner of pork schnitzel, potatoes and asparagus at the hotel. It was raining hard and I didn’t want to venture into the city where I could get much better food for about half the price.

In any case, the food was good, but expensive.

Nor for some sleep and to try and shake the jet lag.


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