Archaeology and the Bible

Tonight I will share a few books from my library that are about Archaeology and the Bible.

The first is one that I have not shared before.

The Bible as History, Werner Keller, Archaeology, ScienceI have not read much of this book yet, I have mainly used it as a reference book to look up information about different places.

The Bible as History by Werner Keller is a translation of Und de Bibel hat doch recht which was published in German. The first edition was released in 1956 and the second in 1980. There have been many more discoveries since that time, but this book is a good overview of Biblical Archaeology.

The Bible as History in Pictures, Werner Keller, Archaeology, History, BibleThe Bible as History in Pictures by Werner Keller was published in 1963 as Und die Bible hat doch recht in bildern and was translated into English in 1964.

The book is full of great pictures of Archaeologic discoveries, including quite a few pages about Lachish and also the Lachish reliefs. Whenever I look through this book I see pictures of many items that I have seen in museums or pictures of dig sites that I have visited.

Archaeology and the Old Testament, J. A. Thompson, Pathway BookArchaeology and the Old Testament by J. A. Thompson was published in 1957, so definitely does not have the latest information. However, I find that reading older books about a subject will often give an interesting perspective.

This reminds me of a project that I did in Junior High where our teacher had us make a family tree of man while we were studying evolution. I found the oldest possible sources and combined that information with more current findings. Of course the current findings from that time have now been invalidated. Luckily the teacher gave me a good grade since I was showing that the understanding of scientific research changes over time when new facts or new analysis methods are discovered. The same is true with Archaeology.

Discovering the Biblical World, Harry Thomas Frank, Research ReadingDiscovering the Biblical World by Harry Thomas Frank was published in 1975. This book was published only 18 years after the one above, but there were many new finds during that time period.

The book is full of maps and pictures. I found it interesting to compare the pictures taken at that time with what I saw when I visited some of the same places in 2012 and 2015.

Biblical Lachish, David Ussushkin, Lachish, Dig, ArchaeologyThe last book that I will share is Biblical Lachish: A Tale of Construction, Destruction, Excavation and Restoration by David Ussishkin. I have been reading this book this afternoon as I refresh my memory of the history of this site. Two weeks from now I will be at Lachish digging back into history again. I had such a great experience last year, that I decided to go again this year.


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