Around the Yard IV

Tonight I decided to share a few pictures from my yard. I have been busy today putting together some items for an upcoming trip and thought of a few more topics to write about, but they are not yet ready to wander to the page.

Yellow Rose, June Rose, Yard, Rose BushThe pictures were all taken in the late afternoon so most of my front yard was in shadows.

Here is one of the blooms that is opening on my St. Patrick rose bush. I really like this rose, especially the hint of green in the outer petals.

Yellow Roses, Afternoon in the Yard, Rose Bush, St. PatrickHere are more of the roses on the St. Patrick rose bush. I really like the bright yellow color of the roses. They have fared a bit better in the heat this year than my Tropicana blooms. See Overheated Roses

Mister Lincoln Rose Bush, Red Rose, June RoseHere is my Mister Lincoln rose bush. There are only a few roses on the bush right now, but there are more buds setting on. It is only June, but the rose bush is already six feet tall.

Agapanthus, Back Yard, Flowers, June FlowersMoving to the back yard I was able to get some pictures of my Agapanthus. The blooms are already starting to open.

Hot Weather, deficient watering, Sprinkler RepairMy backyard is not looking so good. I have bare spots that are starting to appear. I had been waiting to increase the watering times until it got hotter, and it looks like I waited a bit too long. I also needed to repair a sprinkler head on one of the sprinkler line and had it turned off. The sprinkler is now repaired and hopefully the grass will recover soon.

Now for it to cool off over the next few days so that I can mow the lawn one evening this week.

How is your yard looking?



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