Gardens by the Bay

Today I visited the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore.

Singapore Flyer, Singapore River, Reflections, RipplesBefore we visited the gardens we stopped at a nearby park. I really like this image that I captured of the Singapore Flyer and the skyline reflected in the Singapore River. Another thing that caught my eye was the ripples in the water.

Singapore, Sands Casino, Sands Hotel, Futuristic BuildingHere we can see the Gardens by the Bay in front of the Marina Bay Sands hotel. This is the futuristic looking building that I can see from my Hotel Room, but from the opposite side. My sister stayed at this hotel when she visited Singapore.

Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore, Yellow FlowersThe key feature of the Gardens by the Bay are two large domes that enclose a garden and a forest.

The Flower Dome has multiple levels of flower displays. I took hundreds of pictures as you would expect and will share just a few in this post.

Sometimes it is the tiny things that catch my attention like the little yellow flowers show above.

Tulip Mania, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore, Cooled Conservatories, TulipsToday was the last day of Tulipmania Rediscovered at the Flower Dome so I had to get some pictures of the beautiful tulips.

Cloud Forest, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore, Waterfalls

The Cloud Forest dome has a really nice set of waterfalls. The dome encloses a rain forest that is also filled with flowers.

Rain Forest, Flowers, Cloud Forest, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Here are some of the beautiful little flowers that you see in a rain forest.

Lego Flowers, Singapore, Gardens by the Bay, Cloud Forest, Lego FlowersCan you tell what some of these flowers are made from?

I am not sure why they had this little section of flowers made from Legos, but perhaps it is because these flowers are difficult to maintain and have limited time when they are at their peak. In any case it was very interesting to see flowers made from Legos.

More flower pictures are now tucked away in my files and may be seen in the future. It depends on where my mind wanders 🙂


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