The Music Man

Tonight I ran across a little book that I forgot that I had.

The book brought back some good memories.

The Music Man, Novel, Meredith Wilson, Broadway, MusicalThe book is a novel based on the Broadway musical The Music Man by Meredith Wilson.

The musical debuted in 1957 and in 1962 it was made into a movie. To go along with the movie Meredith Wilson also wrote a novel.

The Music Man, Novel, Meredith Wilson, Broadway, MusicalThe novel includes pictures from the movie. I don’t remember exactly when I acquired this little treasure, but I know that I have had it for a long time.

Why does it bring back memories?

When I was a senior in high school our school play was The Music Man. I was the Conductor, one of the boys in the band and also the student director. When you go to school in a small town you often take on multiple roles and duties in plays or other school activities.

I have so many memories of practices and the actual performances. Some are good and others not so good 🙂

I can still sing almost all the songs from memory. I may need a little prompt, but they are there.

The Music Man, Novel, Meredith Wilson, Broadway, MusicalI also found my CD of the original soundtrack from the movie and will probably be listening to the songs soon while driving. Get them even more ingrained in my memory.

The Music Man has also been in my thoughts since I have friends who run a summer camp where they produce a musical each year. This year their production will be The Music Man.

My friend who leads the trip to Lachish is in the musical so perhaps I can help him practice his songs during the trip.

Do you have memories of a play or musical that you were in?


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2 Responses to The Music Man

  1. Luanne @ TFK says:

    Interesting book. This was my first musical. Very memorable.

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