Parco Sempione

While I was in Milan last week I took a walk through Parco Sempione.

Porta Sempione, Parco Sempione, Milan, Italy, City ParkParco Sempione or Sempione Park is a large city park near the center of Milan.

It was a nice day so many people were relaxing in the grassy areas of the park. In the background of this picture you can see the Porta Sempione which is also known as the Arch of Peace. I may have to write a post about this arch as it has some really neat depictions of events in history.

Sempione Park, Water, Pond, Bird, MilanThere are several ponds and other water features in the park, including some fairly secluded areas. I was able to capture this nice view of a bird hiding in the foliage hanging over a pond.

Bridge, Sempione Park, Milan, Then and NowThere is also a nice old bridge that goes over a small stream that leads to one of the ponds. I made sure to get some pictures so that I could compare them with pictures that I took ten years ago.

Majestic Tree, Sempione Park, Milan, City Park, Then and NowI featured reflections of this tree in my posts Artistic Milan and Artistic Milan II.

You can see one of the pillars of the bridge that is topped by a mermaid.

The tree is very large and looks very majestic. So, what would this tree look like ten years ago?

Sempione Park, Milan, Tree in WinterThe picture was taken earlier in the year, so there were no leaves on the tree. However, you can see that even though the tree is very large, it has grown quite a bit in the last ten years.

There are a few other differences. You can see that there is now a fence in the foreground and that the pillar of the bridge now has K♥ carved on it.

It was a beautiful place for an after work walk, and I really enjoyed the fresh air. Especially nice after a long flight. 🙂

Now for some sleep to continue fighting the jet lag.


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