Come a Casa

My last night in Milan found me at a little restaurant near my hotel.

Rizzo Come a casa, bottega, Bistrot, Milan, dinnerThe name of the restaurant was Rizzo – Come a Casa. You can see in the sign above that it is both a bottega and a bistrot. Bottega means shop and bistrot is a restaurant.

I am not sure if Come a Casa is actually part of the name of the restaurant. Come a Casa means ‘like home’, so it may be just telling you that they have good home style food. However, I did find it on the internet as Rizzo-Come a Casa along with the following map.

Milan Restaurant, Google Map, Rizzo - Come a CasaYou can see in the map that it is just a few blocks from the DoubleTree where I was staying.

The restaurant was recommended to me by one of my colleagues and it was definitely a good recommendation.

Salmon, Bistro, Come a Casa, MilanSince I was still sleepy even after my nap I was not in the mood for a lot of food. I was looking around to see what other people were eating and the food looked so good. However, the portions looked very big and I knew that I would not be able to make it through a multi-course meal.

Salmon, Bistro, Come a Casa, MilanI decided to skip right to the main course or secondo. Here you see a closer view of my slice of salmon with vegetables.

The salmon was really good. The top had a nice texture to it and the inside was nice and flaky. It was easy to eat it with just a fork. The salad and vegetables were a good complement and it was just enough to satisfy my hunger.

I definitely felt like this was a good coma a casa or like home meal.

Dessert, Dolce, Panna Cotta, CakesI had seen the patrons at a table next to me have the dessert that is in the glass and decided that I still had a little room for dolce.

When I asked for it, the waiter took me to see all the dessert choices. I explained to him that all I wanted was the panna cotta even though all of the different cakes looked so good.

I went back to my table and he brought me two small slices of cake to try along with the panna cotta. They were all delicious and I will definitely try a larger pice of cake the next time I visit our office in Milan.

I only had a few meals while in Milan, but this was the most delicious.

Now to try and sleep, I was tired earlier but am wide awake now.


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