San Francisco to Milan

A very quick post tonight as I am just back from a three hour dinner, and I haven’t slept in a bed since early Tuesday morning. It is now Thursday here in Milan.

San Francisco Bay, Sunrise over the bay, SFOHere was my view this morning as I left my hotel to go to the airport for my early morning flight. The sunrise over San Francisco Bay was very beautiful.

I had two long flights today before arriving in Milan. I then caught a train into the city from the airport and made it to our office.

Milan Italy, Duomo, Milan CathedralAfter a long day of work I was able to go into the city and take a picture of the Duomo di Milano which is also known as the Milan Cathedral. This is one picture that I wanted to get on my trip as ten years ago the front of the building was covered with scaffolding. See my post Wandering Soon to see a picture that I took ten years ago.

OK, time to go to sleep. You will see more pictures from Milan later this week.

Have you seen the Duomo di Milano?


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