Fun with Chalk

If you saw my post from a couple days ago titled Wandering North, you know that I brought some sidewalk chalk along as a gift for a little friend.

The weather here in Canada was not warm enough to go draw on the porch or sidewalk, but my little friend was still able to draw with the chalk on her chalkboard.

Sidewalk Chalk, crayola, colorful chalkThe chalk was really colorful and also had a nice design pressed into each stick.

Crayola Chalk, 24 count, colors, chalkHere you can see the multiple colors from the large box of chalk that I brought. I am sure that there will be some nice large pictures on the porch and sidewalk once the weather warms up.

Sidewalk Chalk, Broken Chalk, Colorful Chalk, color coordinationHere you can see that she sorted the chalk by color group. Unfortunately a couple of the sticks of chalk broke, but that is to be expected after the long transit from home.

Chalk Drawing, chalk board, colorful drawing

Here is the first drawing with the new chalk. It was fun to watch her draw.

Chalk Drawing, Octonauts, Chalk, TV ShowI couldn’t quite make out what this drawing was, but since she was watching the Octonauts it might be some type of an underwater scene.

Now for some sleep to shake off a bit of my jet lag.


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2 Responses to Fun with Chalk

  1. That was very thoughtful of you to take the chalk as a gift for your little friend.

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