Gas Prices

This morning I had to fill up with gas which started me thinking about gas prices. The gas prices have been trending up in the past month, but what really got me was that I had to pay a lot more than I did on Monday. I will show what I paid in Texas, but first lets look at what gas prices have been here in California.

Filling up the tank, Gas, Gas Prices, Old Blue, PontiacThis morning I paid $2.199 per gallon of gas. This is up from what I paid about a month ago.

$2.059 per gallon, gas price, Safeway gas, low prices, fuelGas prices have gone up 14 cents since last month. I though this would be the least amount that I would pay for a long time. Only $2.059 per gallon!! It almost made it under the $2 mark.

Cheaper Gas Prices, 2.419 Per Gallon, Unleaded Gas, Cheap GasHere is what I paid last January. See my post Cheaper Gas. The $2.419 that is shown here was not the lowest I saw. That evening it had dropped to $2.319 but I had a full tank then.

$4.45.9 per gallon gas - Most Expensive tank for meThis was much better than the $4.459 that I paid back in 2012. It is amazing that gas prices are half what they were then. See my post Expensive Gas.

Low Gas Price, $1.659, gas price, gallon of gas, Tom Thumb Gas StationOn Monday I paid only $1.659 per gallon for gas in Texas. This is 54 cents less than what I paid for gas this morning. Of course the state gas tax in Texas is about 20 cents a gallon less so that is part of the difference.

I am remembering back to when gas first went over a dollar per gallon and how the gas stations would deal with this unheard of price. The one thing that I remember is that they would set the pump for half the price and then double it at the cash register. This was long before the pumps took credit cards.

It was also interesting to see how they would display the price since all the signs were designed for a price less than a dollar. Those days are long gone πŸ™‚

How much did you pay the last time you filled up with gas?



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  1. I paid $1.99.99 yesterday! From noon to evening one station had bumped their price up 29 cents. Last week in Canton, I decided to eat lunch and get gas afterward. Upon returning to the station, the gas had jumped 40 cents/gal!! 😦 So it goes.

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