Cheaper Gas

This morning as I filled my car with some of the cheapest gas I have seen in a long time I thought about a post that I wrote a little more than two years ago.

Back in October 2010 I wrote about Expensive Gas.

$4.45.9 per gallon gas - Most Expensive tank for meAs you can see in the picture above the price was $4.459 per gallon.

In a moment I will show what I paid this morning. You will see that it may not be as cheap as what you are paying, but California has some of the most expensive gas in the nation.

I did see one friend post on Facebook this morning that he paid $1.699 in Oklahoma.

Cheaper Gas Prices, 2.419 Per Gallon, Unleaded Gas, Cheap Gas

You can see here that I paid $2.419 this morning when I filled up. If I could have waited until this evening I could have paid only $2.319, but I didn’t know that this morning and also would have not been able to make it to work and back. Also, gas is always about 20 cents more expensive near work.

Most expensive tank of gas.

Here is the price for a tank two years ago. More than 60 dollars for a tank of gas and my gas tank is not that large.

Cheaper Gas, Gas Prices, Plummeting PricesI didn’t take a picture of the pump display this morning, but here is the total on my receipt. I did buy a little less gas than two years ago, but look at the total price.

Two years ago I paid $64.15 for a tank of gas and this morning only $32.10.

Half the price!

I am not sure how much further prices will drop. I do know that California gas producers were just hit with new fees that will be passed on to consumers. They will mostly go unnoticed as the prices drop, but watch out for the future.

How much are you paying for gas?


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5 Responses to Cheaper Gas

  1. Uncle Spike says:

    I just love American gas prices 🙂
    Here too the prices have plummeted in relation to 12 months ago.. Currently we pay $6.87 a US gal, whereas last January it was as high as $8.37. But US salaries on average are 3 times higher (e.g. high school teacher here would earn around $15,000 gross), so factor that in tells a different story. Filling a tank of gas on a compact (now $103) actually costs $390 in terms of salary impact. What a strange old world we live in…. 🙂

  2. Same in the UK but the price at the pumps never seems to fall as much as the barrel price. One thing I know for sure is that it will soon go up again.

  3. Spencer says:

    Interesting observations. Our gad in NW Missouri is about $1.85/gallon.

  4. Uncle Spike says:

    I’m coming to live in Missouri then 🙂

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