A Walk to Lunch

This week I am conducting a course in a hotel in Dallas. This means a long day of class in a windowless meeting room, so it was nice to take a walk to lunch.

Walk to Lunch, Dallas, River Walk, Love Field, Embassy SuitesThe hotel is just north of Love Field and is near Bachman Branch and Bachman Lake. Here you can see the Bachman Branch which is one of the minor tributaries of the Trinity River. There is a nice walkway between the hotel and a group of restaurants, including where we ate today and also a Chick-fil-A.

Walk to Lunch, Dallas, River Walk, Love Field, Embassy SuitesHere is another view of the walkway. You can see that the trees are starting to come alive and leaves are budding out. This of course is not the best for my allergies, but at least it was a beautiful walk.

Walk to Lunch, Dallas, River Walk, Love Field, Embassy SuitesThe blossoms on the pear trees were very beautiful. The white blossoms are a great contrast to the blue of the sky and the brick buildings.

Mi Camino, Mexican Restaurant, Mexican Food, Dallas Mexican, Cuisine, LunchWe had lunch at Mi Camino Restaurante. The Tex-Mex food was really good. I had a dish that had a beef and chicken enchilada and a pork tamale. A beautiful plate and very delicious. Mi Camino is a new restaurant that has only been open since last year. Each of my students had different dishes and they all looked very nice. They all enjoyed their meals so I would definitely recommend this restaurant.

Walk to Lunch, Dallas, River Walk, Love Field, Embassy SuitesOn our way back to the classroom we walked on the other side of the shops. I liked this little courtyard that had a fountain and also some beautiful foliage. I really like the colorful blossoms on the tree. Unfortunately the courtyard was in the shadows. I may have to walk by late tomorrow afternoon to see if the courtyard is lit up by the sun.

Now to get some sleep to help chase the jet lag away.


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