Model T Memories

Last week I wrote a post about my Car Memories. Tonight while looking for pictures for an upcoming post I ran across some old Model T pictures.

I do not know the body styles of these cars, I just know that they are all Model Ts. I think that they may all be touring models. If you are a Model T expert and want to help me with identification you can leave the information in the comments.

Model T Ford, Grandma, Tin Lizzie, Old CarsThis is one of my favorite pictures as my Grandma is sitting on the fender of the car. You can also see the old Iowa license plate and the crank handle. The license plate has a 24 on it which I believe is for 1924 since my grandma was four years old for most of 1924.

Model T Ford, Touring the West, Classic Car, Model T in mountainsHere is a Model T that some relatives took on a tour of the West.

Model T Touring Ford, Old Cars, Classic Fords, Model T on a FarmHere is another picture where they are getting ready to leave on their trip.

Model T, Touring, Ford, Old Cars, Ready to Road TripThis is a pretty cool picture. He looks all dressed up and ready to go. I like the rolled up pant legs and the leather shoes.

Model T Ford, In the City, Old Car in City, Early Car PhotosHere is a picture of a Model T on a city street. The back of the picture identifies the man as the Hon. Mr. S. V Wight. So, perhaps he was a judge. I need to do some research on this as I don’t recognize the name as someone in the family. Perhaps he was a well known judge and someone was capturing a picture of him with his car.

I hope you enjoyed these images of old Model Ts.


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  1. that is pretty cool 🙂

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