Back Home from China

I made it back home from China earlier today and am trying to stay up till near my normal bedtime. Actually, I am not too tired, so it probably won’t be a problem. It will probably be a problem to get to sleep.

Xian Noodles, Soup, Spicy Soup, Xian CuisineSo, tonight a few images from the trip. Of course, food was a big part of the trip as I have to eat. Most of my time was spent in a classroom or office so not a lot of outside pictures.

In the picture above are the Xian Noodles that I had during the first week. I was back there again without my Chinese colleagues the second week and boy was it fun ordering. We were using translation apps on phones to figure out what to order. I had a colleague with me from India who could not eat certain meats and we had to figure out which dishes had what meats.

Chinese Soup, Chicken Feet, Noodles, Chinese FoodI had a few comments about this picture after I wrote my post Dinner in Shanghai. Yes, that is a chicken foot and no I did not eat it. However, I ate the noodles and other bits and pieces that were in the soup so definitely had a taste of chicken feet.

Windmill, China, Holland Town, Gaoqiao, Shanghai, CultureSome of my favorite pictures from the trip were taken in an area near the hotel called Holland Town or Holland Village. See the two posts I wrote about them for more pictures: Holland Town at Night and Holland Town in the Afternoon

Jin Mao Tower, Shanghai Financial Center, Shanghai Tower, Pudong, Shanghai, China, SkyscrapersI also got to see three of the tallest buildings in the world. See: A Tall Trio

The skyline has really changed during the 16 years that have passed since my first visit to Shanghai. I really need to pull out some of the old pictures and do a comparison.

shanghai Dumplings, POrk Dumplings, Nanxiang xiaolong, Award WinningI also got to visit my favorite dumpling shop over the weekend. Click on Shanghai Dumplings for a post that I wrote last year after my last visit to Shanghai.

Now to go check on my first loads of laundry, eat something for dinner and get to bed.




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One Response to Back Home from China

  1. Eating adventures in China – yum!! However those of us with foodie restrictions it can be a wee bit challenging to navigate. Thankfully I’ve always had fab friends able to not only do the translation but also the double checking to attempt to avoid the ‘no no’ stuff! 🙂

    I do have memories as a kid with chicken feet though… back in my carnivorous dim sum days. Gotta love being able to get practically anything in good ol Winnipeg, Canada.

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