Dinner in Shanghai

Last night it was raining so we just walked across to a restaurant on the other side of the street from the hotel.

Shanghai, Pudong, Chinese Restaurant, Dumplings, Crown CentreThe restaurant is the one with the taxi sitting in front of it. I have no idea what the red letters on the building say. At the top of the building it advertises Food, Tea and Chess. We did have food, but no tea. We were only served hot water.

Dumplings, Vinegar, Peppers, Garlic, Cabbage DumplingsThe students told me that the specialty for the restaurant was dumplings so that is what the meal started with. We had two types of dumplings. One was meat and the other vegetable. Both were good.

The three little bowls have peppers, garlic and vinegar which are commonly served with dumplings.

Sea Food, Chinese Food, Shanghai, PudongIn China you eat with your eyes as well as your mouth. Some of the dishes are really nice looking like this plate of seafood.

Chinese Soup, Chicken Feet, Noodles, Chinese FoodSometimes you don’t ask what is int he dish and just eat 🙂

The noodles in this dish were very good, but even the Chinese guys with me had trouble picking them up. They were a bit slippery.

Dinner Remains, Chinese Food, Chinese Restaurant, Shanghai, PudongHere is what the table looked like after we were done eating. As you can see there were more dishes than what I showed above, and this was after several plates were cleared away.  We all went away filled with good food.


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