Holland Town at Night

In 2001 there was an initiative in Shanghai to create nine new towns within Shanghai that each had a theme based on another country. Right near my hotel here in Pudong in Holland Town.

Holland town is part of Gaoqiao which is an old Song Dynasty town dating back to the 12th century.

Holland Town, China, Pudong, Gaoqiao, ShanghaiThe town is built along waterways and canals which are lit up at night. Here you can see an example of one of the larger water areas. You can see the Dutch architecture of the building here. I really like the reflections in the water.

Holland New Town, Gaoqiao, Shanghai, Pudong, Waterways, Dutch architectureThe reflections in this picture are really nice. The water was clear and calm. I took this picture with my camera in a vertical orientation and initially had trouble figuring out which way to turn it since I was in a thumbnail mode.

You can see the moon in both the sky and the water. The blue in the lower part of the picture is the reflection of the lights on my side of the water.

Holland Town, Gaoqiao, Dutch, Shanghai, Dancing in the square, Night DancingIn the background of this picture you can see a large church building. It is based on a church in the Netherlands. To the left is a really nice restaurant where we had our course dinner last year.

However, the reason I took this picture is to show the large square where couples are dancing. There is also a neighborhood square a block from my hotel where couples dance each night.

Holland Town, Shanghai, Pudong, Gaoqiao, Windmill, ChinaOf course, Holland Town needs a windmill. The windmill is also lit up so that it is visible at night. The windmill is strictly decorative as the blades have not moved since it was originally set up.

Windmill, China, Holland Town, Gaoqiao, Shanghai, Culture

I will end the post with one of my favorite pictures from last night. This picture looks like it could have been taken in Holland. I really like the silhouettes and the moon in this picture of the windmill.

My plan today is to go back and take some pictures of Holland Town in daylight. When I am traveling in winter it is nice to get out in the daylight on the weekends, especially after being in a classroom for most of the daylight hours each day.


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  4. putsuke says:

    how to get to holland town from shanghai?

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