Finally Fall Color

This year I have not seen many fall colors. We usually have a late fall, but it has still not been very colorful yet.

However, I am starting to see a bit of color here and there.

November Roses, Fall Color, Rose Bushes, Tropicana RoseI took this picture on Monday morning as I was leaving home. You can see that the leaves of my roses bushes are starting to change color. The bushes also have some very nice blooms on them.

To the left you can see the bright blooms of my Tropicana rose bush. The two top blooms are more than eight feet in the air.

I definitely need to do some Yard Work this weekend as there are a lot of spent blossoms on my rose bushes.

Fall Leaves, Leaves on asphalt, Parking Lot in Fall, Red and Yellow LeavesI took this picture at lunch today when stopping by the book store. I love the contrast of the colorful leaves with the surface of the parking lot.

Would you like a closer look?

leaves on blacktop, fall leaves, colorful leavesThis picture would make a nice background for a computer desktop. Especially if you like fall.

Colorful Trees, Fall, Late Fall, Fall ColorHere you can see a few colorful trees, they are starting to be more visible. I think that the rain that we had today helped bring out the color of the trees.

So for all of my friends who are getting tired of looking at the beautiful white snowscapes, here is a little bit of color.


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3 Responses to Finally Fall Color

  1. I really like your computer background shot!

  2. Glenda McDougal says:

    Beautiful colors!!! Thanks for sharing.

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