Flight Delay

Today has been a travel day as I flew from San Francisco to Toronto.

Filling up the car with $4.45 a gallon gas.

Luckily I left home a little early as I was barely down the street when I realized that I was almost out of gas. I stopped to gas up and then it was off to the airport.

Then I had to wait in a long line of cars at the toll booth on the San Mateo bridge. It would not have been as long of a delay if people would have been courteous drivers. The cash only lane has a solid white line that extends back about a half mile from the toll gates and you are supposed to get in line. However, there are many people who totally ignore this and wait till the last minute and cut in line. Would they do this in a line of people that are not in cars? Probably not as they would probably at least get yelled at, if not more. Why do some people lose all sense of courtesy when they are in a car.

In any case, this only delayed me by about five minutes and I arrived at ANZA Parking in plenty of time to get to the airport.

Art at the airport, Stainless Steel Art, Namoo House, Korean Art, San Francisco AirportI made it to the gate in time to enjoy some of the Art at the Airport.

There is some interesting art at the San Francisco Airport.

Air Canada, Flight to Toronto, SFO Airport, National Aviation DayThe previous flight arrived on time and we boarded at the proper time. I settled in for the flight and was looking forward to a good nap.

Then the delays started. First they announced that there we had to wait for a few late bags, but they said that this was no worry as we were further delayed by flight operations and the bags would be there by the time we were cleared for push back from the gate. The time came and went and then there was another announcement that there were further delays. This time they gave the reason for the operations delay.

Air Force One, SFO, President Obama, Fundraising Trip, Plane SpottingOperations at the airport were delayed while waiting for Air Force One to take off. Evidently it was not prepared to take off at the time that was scheduled for it so every one else had to wait as the runways and taxiways have to be clear when it takes off.

The further delays gave me time to look up why President Obama was in San Francisco. I already knew that he was on the west coast as he had been in Roseburg, Oregon. I also heard that he was going to be in San Diego for some unknown reason (Golf? more vacation?). I had read an article speculating what the purpose of the trip was. However, I didn’t know that he had a stopover in San Francisco. As is usually the case when the President visits San Francisco or California, he was not here to see the public. He was in San Francisco for a pair of fundraisers and a Kayne West concert.

We finally took off more than an hour late. Since Toronto was my final destination it did not affect me too much. However, there were a lot of unhappy passengers who ended up missing connections because of the delay. I overheard one family talking about how they were going to miss an important family event in Europe because of the delay and missed connection.

In any case, I am at my destination and am looking forward to the rest of my Holiday Weekend.




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