Holiday Weekend

For many of my readers this weekend is a Holiday Weekend.

Here in the United States we often do not hear about other holidays that are being celebrated around the world.

Taipei 101 - Taiwan - 2nd Tallest Building - Twilight PictureIn Taiwan this Saturday is National Day of the Republic of China or Double Ten Day. October 10 is the anniversary of the Wuchang Uprising that led to the formation of the Republic of China.

I took the picture above while visiting Taiwan. The tall building is Taipei 101, the tallest building in Taiwan.

It is also Fiji Day to commemorate their independence.

In Cuba October 10th is celebrated as the beginning of their War of Independence.

In Suriname the 10th is the Day of the Maroons.

You can see that there are a lot of holidays on Saturday.

Sunday is the start of Pchum Ben in Cambodia. This religious festival runs for 15 days where the Cambodians honor their ancestors.

In the Republic of Macedonia the 11th is celebrated as the Day of the People’s Uprising.

Cristoforo Colombo looks out over the Rio de la Plata in Buenos Aires.Of course, in the United States Monday is Columbus Day. The day has become a celebration of Italian heritage for many. But, Was Columbus Italian?

Monday is also a holiday in many countries with Spanish influence. However, the day is celebrated in different ways. Some celebrate Columbus Day or Hispanic Day while others celebrate Indigenous Resistance Day or Day of respect for cultural diversity.

In Japan it is Sports Day and in Malawi it is Mother’s Day.

There is definitely some diversity in the Monday holidays.

Open Faced Turkey Sandwich, Thanksgiving, Red Tractor Cafe, Comfort FoodOn Monday I will be celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving Day since I will be in Canada. I am looking forward to some Thanksgiving Feasting.

For many people this will be a three day weekend. Our company used to give us the day off for Columbus Day, but we no longer get this day off. Instead we receive an extra floating holiday to use when we want to. This makes it easier for our culturally diverse workforce to take the day off on holidays that are important for their own culture.

What holiday are you celebrating this weekend?



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5 Responses to Holiday Weekend

  1. What fun! A whirl wind round the world holiday weekend!! Nothing special going on India though. 🙂

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