A Walk along the Roda River

On the last evening of my recent trip to Jena I took a walk along the Roda River.

The Roda River is a small tributary of The River Saale.

In my post yesterday titled Universal Translator I have a picture of the Roda River where it passes under the railway tracks near my hotel.

Roda River, Saale River, Jena GermanyThe river is not very large and also was not flowing very fast. This was nice as there were some really nice reflections from the trees growing along the bank of the river.

Small Flowers, Pink Flowers, Foilage, Nature, GermanyWhile taking my walk I was enjoying the beautiful foliage along the path. Here is a beautiful little plant with red seed pods and pink flowers. They are very dainty, and you almost miss them if you are not looking.

Red Seed Pods, Foilage, Roda River, Jena, Germany, WalkHere are some larger seed pods. They are definitely a splash of color in an otherwise green environment.

Pink Flowers, Roda River, Jena, Germany, Nature WalkI also really liked these little pink flowers. There were a group of them growing along the river and they are an interesting contrast to the water in the river.

Roda River, Stadtroda, Faust, Jena, Germany, LegendI saved my favorite picture for last. I really like this bend in the river. The area in the bend is lit up with the  setting sun and is really beautiful. It was such a peaceful setting.

About five miles upstream from this location is the small town of Stadtroda. The town of Stadtroda is supposedly the birthplace of Faust.

I hope that you enjoyed these pictures from my walk along the river.


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