The Burgauer Brücke at Night

Tonight I stopped at the Burgauer Brücke to take a picture. There has been a festival going on near the bridge since I arrived in Jena and it has been difficult to get a good picture. Tonight I had to sneak around and behind a fence to get to the place where I took some of the pictures I will be sharing.

Burgauer Bridge, Jena, Germany, Stone BridgeThis first picture was taken on Saturday evening. The festival was in full swing and I was not able to get a picture of the bridge. However, I was able to take a picture of the roadway of the bridge as I walked over it.

Night Bridge Pictures, Burgauer Bridge, Jena, GermanyI took pictures with different camera settings to see how they would turn out. It was so dark there that you could barely see the outline of the bridge from where I was standing. However, the lens of my camera has very good light gathering properties and it was able to capture the structure of the bridge.

Night Bridge Pictures, Burgauer Bridge, Jena, GermanyThis picture was taken with a night mode that kept the shutter open to capture more light. I held the camera very still and pressed the capture button. Luckily I didn’t move much.

Night Bridge Pictures, Burgauer Bridge, Jena, GermanyThis last one was taken with flash, and is interesting, but not my favorite of the three pictures. You can see the nice shape of the bridge in the picture and also a really clear shot of the rowboat in the foreground 🙂

To see what the bridge looks like in the daytime see my post Burgauer Brücke.

Which of the pictures of the bridge do you like the best?



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