Strawberry & White Magnum Bars

Since it was raining I spent the evening catching up on work. I lost track of time and it was too late to go to a restaurant so I headed out for a walk to meet my step goal for the day. Luckily it had stopped raining.

On my way back to the hotel I stopped at a grocery store to pick up a few snacks.

Magnum Bars, Strawberry and White, White Chocolate, Germany, Ice Cream TreatWhile heading to the checkout I passed by the frozen treat section so had to check it out. They had two whole freezer sections of Magnum Bars!

The Strawberry & White caught my eye, but I knew that I couldn’t just buy a box full of them as I don’t have a freezer in my hotel room.

Strawberry & White Magnum Bar, White Chocolate, Strawberry Ice Cream, Magnum BarsLuckily they had a section of individually wrapped Magnum Bars and Strawberry & White was one of the choices.

Magnum Bars, Strawberry, White Chocolate, Frozen TreatsI  did’t remember seeing Magnum Bars with Strawberry ice cream anywhere else in my travels, so I decided to buy one of them.

They also had Pink Mini Magnum Bars but they were not available as singles.

White Chocolate Magnum, Strawberry Magnum, Ice Cream BarsAs I headed back outside I opened up the package so I could enjoy the velvety goodness of the ice cream bar. The bar was covered with white chocolate and I was anticipating biting into it to see the strawberry filling.

Magnum Bar, Strawberry Ice Cream Bar, White Chocolate, MagnumIt tasted wonderful and as I walked back to the hotel through the wet streets I enjoyed the delicious chocolate and ice cream.

I am thankful for the rain that we got this evening as it  has dropped the temperatures more than 30 degrees since noon.

Now for a cooler night of sleep. Last night was not nice at all.



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