Anime Costumes

I have been staying with some friends here in Toronto this weekend. They also had a nephew visiting who was attending an anime convention.

I went with my friend a couple times to pickup and drop off his nephew. The Anime North convention was at the Toronto Congress Centre.

The attendees were staying at many different hotels in the area, so the sidewalks were full of young people heading toward the convention in the morning.

Anime North, Toronto, Link, Anime Canada, Costumes, Legend of ZeldaMany of the attendees were dressed up in costumes. Here is a young man dressed up as Link from the Legend of Zelda.

Snow man, Anime North Toronto, Costumes, Frozen?This is an interesting costume. I am not sure if this is supposed to be the snowman from Frozen, or some other anime snowman. I did a quick search and there are snowmen in anime. The cloud or umbrella is also interesting.

Anime North Toronto, CostumesI am not sure who these characters are, but they were interesting costumes. I really like the big floppy hat.

Anime North, Toronto Canada, Elf, CostumesHere we have an elf. Is it one of Santa’s elves? It does remind me of the movie Elf.

Anime North, Anime, School Girls, Anime ConventionThis group of young ladies outside of a Starbucks were definitely anime fans. The school girl in uniform is one of the most common images in anime.

I can just image what the convention hall looked like. I am sure that there were a lot more interesting and creative costumes.

Have you ever been to an Anime or Comic convention?



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