A Walk in the Park II

Tonight I took A Walk in the Park with my friends. We walked through the Rowntree Mills Park which is along the Humber River in Toronto.

Mallard, Humber River, Toronto, Canada, ParkThis is one of the first pictures that I took during the walk. Here we see a mallard gliding fracefully along the Humber River.

Humber River, River Scene, Beautiful SceneryHere is another shot of the river with the sun shing through the foilage on the right and also reflecting off the small rapids in the river.

Bridge, Humber River, Rowntree Mill Park, TorontoIn the park are several bridges over the river and streams. This small bridge is over a small stream that flows into the Humber River.

I really like this picture, especially as it makes me want to know what is across the bridge and around the corner.

Rabbit, Park, Tame Rabbit, Rowntree Mills Park, TorontoWe also saw a dark colored rabbit. This doesn’t look like a wild rabbit, but rather a domestic one that has gotten loose. One of my friends was able to get close to it and even reach out to pet it.

Picnic Bench, Tree, Rowntree Mill Park, Toronto, CanadaI really like this picture as it shows how peaceful this park would be for a picnic. I like this view of a picnic table with one of the large shade trees. The lengthening shadows of the late afternoon make for a very nice environment.

I hope you enjoyed some views from my walk this evening. You can see more pictures from the same park in A Walk in the Park.


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2 Responses to A Walk in the Park II

  1. I’m already impatiently waiting to be in Vancouver, Winnipeg and Toronto late June! This just made me even more so – looking forward to green parks, peaceful oxygenated air as a contrast to this mad metropolis Mumbai I call home!!

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