Heading North II

Later this week I will be heading north again to Canada. This makes me think of the beginning of Braman’s Wanderings. The first real post was written while at the airport waiting for a flight to Toronto. See: Take Off to Canada

Air Canada Jet, Toronto Airport, Pearson Airport, Flying HomeI will again be flying with Air Canada to Toronto. I will be excited to see some of my best friends and also work with some of my favorite colleagues.

Pho - Vietnamese Food - WonderPho - Spicy Food - Cuisine - Toronto, CanadaI will also get to eat at some of my favorite restaurants like WonderPho. I am already looking forward to another WonderPho dinner.

Tim Horton's, Canada, Coffee, TorontoBreakfast during the week of training will be at Tim Hortons as usual.

Dragon Pearl, Buffet Restaurant, Asian Food, York Mills, Toronto, CanadaDragon Pearl will probably be on the agenda as it is usually where we go for a class dinner or lunch. Click on the link in the previous sentence to see some of the unique decor at this restaurant.

One place I know that we won’t be going to is a restaurant where we had a Slow Lunch. Evidently their poor customer service caught up with them and they closed down.

Asian Food, Spicy Pork and Peppers, Cusine, Home Cooked FoodI am also looking forward to some great home cooked meals as I will be staying with my friends on the weekends before and after the course I am teaching.

I guess my mind wandered to food during the post, I actually had other plans on what to include in the post. You can see that I am mainly anticipating Asian food on my trip to Canada. See my post Food in Canada to see why.

Now to get some sleep before another busy day in the classroom.





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