Blue Cheese Rice

What do you do with leftover rice and sour cream that you need to use up?

For me, I make some Blue Cheese Rice. I have been experimenting with this dish for awhile and thought I would share it this evening.

left over rice, rice cooker, white rice, blue cheese riceStart with some leftover rice and warm it up in the microwave and add salt and pepper. How much rice do you use?

Sour Cream, Blue Cheese Rice, LeftoversIt depends on how much sour cream you have left. You want enough sour cream to coat the rice.

Amish Blue Cheese Crumbles, Blue Cheese, Rice, AmishThen add some blue cheese. I like to use Salemville Amish Blue Cheese Crumbles. See Amish Blue Cheese for another way I use this cheese.

I have also tried Gorgonzola cheese, but I like the blue cheese better.

Mix the rice, cheese and sour cream together until the rice is well coated.

sunflower seeds, Blue Cheese Rice, RecipeYou can also add some sunflower seeds for extra flavor and texture. I have tried this a few times and it is a nice addition.

Blue Cheese Rice, Rice, Sour Cream, Blue cheese, recipeHere is a look at the dish after it is all integrated together. Then it is time to get a fork and enjoy the delicious taste of Blue Cheese Rice.

What is your best use for leftover rice?


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3 Responses to Blue Cheese Rice

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  2. Jim Braman says:

    Your bleu cheese rice sounds delicious. I shall have to make some. I have Amish blue available here although it is a different brand.

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