USS Black Arrow

Tonight I was going to post three post cards, but after starting to research one of them I decide that it would be the only one. The others will have to wait for a future post.

USS Black Arrow, 1919, Transport ship, US Navy, Blackhawk, RhaetiaThis post card has a picture of the USS Black Arrow. Someone wrote on the front of the card USS Black Arrow in larger letters and also the caption ‘Ship that brought us home.’

Unfortunately, I am not sure who wrote on the card. The card must have been hand delivered as it does not have a stamp on the back and what is written on the back is mostly gibberish.

Post Card, Back, USS Black ArrowThe card at one time must have been in a scrapbook or picture album as the black spots on the back are where it was glued. The other postcards also have the same black paper remnants and are from the Hotchkiss side of my family.

Bremen Begesack, Germany, Google MapsI did a little research into the USS Black Arrow and found that it was originally built in 1904 by the Bremer-Vulcan Werke  of Vegesack, Germany. In this Google map you can see that Bremen-Vegesack is near Bremen, Germany.

The original name of the ship was Rhaetia and was one of the ships in the Hamburg-American line fleet. In 1917 during World War I the ship was seized and turned over the US Army for use as a cargo ship.

The ship was initially renamed to Black Hawk, but was renamed again before it went into service. Under the US Army the ship was known as the USAT Black Arrow. When transferred to the US Navy in 1919 it became the USS Black Arrow and was used as a troop transport ship to bring our troops home from Europe.

The USS Black Arrow was a little over 400 feet long and had a displacement of almost 12,000 tons.

To put this in perspective a typical cruise ship today is over 1,000 feet long and has a displacement of from 100,000 to 200,000 tons.

Now to do more research and find out who was brought home on the USS Black Arrow.






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2 Responses to USS Black Arrow

  1. claudia diperi says:

    Don’t know if you ever found out who it brought home but “The Brooklyn Daily Eagle” posted the Brooklyn men it brought home on July 24 1919. One of them was my Grampa.

  2. Kevin Gleason says:

    My great-uncle, Pvt 1 CL George F. Gleason from Scranton PA, departed Bordeaux France 24 April 1919 aboard the USS BLACK ARROW, and arrived Hoboken 6 May 1919. He was part of Evacuation Hospital #34.

    Kevin Gleason

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