Butter Rice

Last week I made Butter Rice for dinner one evening. The dish is very simple, but delicious. It also ranks up near the top of my list of comfort foods.

Rice Maker, Butter Rice, Rice SteamerOf course, Butter Rice starts off with making some rice. I pulled out my rice maker and made a couple cups of rice.

Rice Bowl, Oriental Bowl, Dishes, Gray and BlueYou also need a nice bowl to put your rice in. I have my favorite bowl for rice. It is a nice decorated bowl that has a fish motif.

Bowl of Rice, Butter Rice, Asian CuisineAfter the rice was done cooking I filled my bowl with rice and then hollowed out an area for the next step.

Butter, Grade AA, Butter RiceOf course if you are going to have Butter Rice, you need butter. None of that imitation stuff.

Butter Rice, Asian Food, Comfort FoodA pat of butter is then place in the area that was hollowed out before.

Cover Rice, Butter Rice, Melting ButterThen the butter was covered up with rice and it was time to wait for 30 seconds for the butter to melt.

Butter Rice, Soy Sauce, Comfort FoodWhile waiting it is time to drizzle just a little bit of soy sauce over the rice. You don’t want to overpower the taste of the butter and rice.

Then it is time to mix up the rice and enjoy the delicious taste of Butter Rice.

I was inspired to make Butter Rice after watching an episode of Late Night Restaurant.

Do you like Butter Rice?


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One Response to Butter Rice

  1. TessTastes says:

    I’ve never had buttered rice, but I’ve had buttered noodles! Kinda the same? H ave you ever put veggies/cheese/meat/eggs on this instead of soy sauce? How’s it taste?

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