Seek, and You will Find II

It has been a long time since I wrote a post titled Seek, and You will Find.

Tonight I am having a little  bit of writer’s block so thought I would take another look at common search terms that find my blog.

I decided to only look at the last year.

As expected, the top search terms correlate to some of the most visited posts.

Tell es-Sultan - Walls of Jericho - Joshua - Walls Come Tumbling Down - Rahab - HarlotOne of the most visited posts on my blog is Walls of Jericho. I have also written a series of posts called Walls of Jericho that are about Joshua, Judges and Ruth. I have not finished the series, and need to get back to it.

Not surprising a number of search terms lead to the posts: the walls of jericho, jericho walls, the wall of jericho, walls of jericho bible, how far was it around jericho, how far was it around the walls of jericho?, distance around jericho, how far around jericho, how far was the march around jericho, …………………….. and even more variations of the same.

Pink liliesAnother set of common search results finds my Heritage Lilies post.

Here are the most common search terms: types of lilies, lilies types, types of lilies and pictures, resurrection lilies yellow orange, resurrection lilies, etc…….

John Miller, Amish MinisterOther common search terms include the word Amish: Amish in California? (many variations), Amish in Oregon? (many variations), Amish in Oklahoma (several variations), Amish Origins, Amish Settlements, and several others.

Amish in California? is the most visited post on Braman’s Wanderings.

Gettysburg Address - Abraham Lincoln - Old Photograph - Fourscore and seven years ago - David BachrachRecently I have been getting a lot of visits to my Gettysburg Address post. Not surprising it is also a popular search term that finds my blog. Some of the same search terms would also find my Gettysburg Oration post.

The One and Only Ivan - Newbery Award Winner - Newbery Medal - Katherine ApplegateOK, one more. The One and Only Ivan is also a popular search term. This search finds a post that I wrote about the Newbery Medal winning book by Katherine Applegate.

Many search engines now encrypt the search terms, so there are a lot less search terms reported now. Most search engine referrals just show up as Unknown Search Terms.

I have seen posts about search terms on other blogs. They are usually full of off the wall or funny search terms. The ones that find mine are usually very focused.

If you found my blog through a search engine, what where you searching for?




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