Hamburg Postings

For those of you who follow my blog you may have noticed that I will often write posts about Hamburg, Iowa.

Hamburg, Iowa is often in my thoughts as it is where my Father graduated from High School and where we would go to visit my Grandparents when I was young.

Grandpa and Grandma - Ancestors - Older couple - White Beard - Old GlassesMy Grandma Agnes loved to save items from newspapers and magazines and I have a large stack of scrapbooks that she made over the years.

Scrapbooks - Spiral Bound Scrapbooks - Grandma's Memories - ClippingsMany of the newspaper articles she saved were about Hamburg and I have enjoyed sharing them here on my blog. The posts have come to the attention of the Hamburg Reporter and they have asked me if they can share them in current issues of the newspaper.

I was happy to give my consent as I know that they will be of interest to many of the readers of the Hamburg Reporter.

Hamburg, Iowa Post Card - World Famous for Popcorn and Nursery Production - Popcorn Day - Interstate NurseriesIn the picture above you will see two things that I remember Hamburg for.

Hamburg is know for their Popcorn production and every year they celebrate Popcorn Days. I have fond memories of the large bags of popcorn we would enjoy when we visited my grandparents.

My Grandpa, Harry Braman, worked for Interstate Nurseries. My love of flowers and nature come from my Grandpa.

If you are from Hamburg, you may remember my Grandpa for another reason. For many years he was the town Santa.

There are so many memories tucked away in the pages of my Grandma’s scrapbooks and I really enjoy sharing them with you.




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