Clock Change Time

The time has come again to change our clocks. Daylight Saving Time is here again and if we don’t watch out we will be late for things on Sunday.

Daylight Saving Time or Summer Time as it is called in some areas is not a global practice, so we have to get used to the time changes. I am thinking about how a monthly conference call that I have may be at a different time this month since the call originates in Germany.

However, the European Union has Summer Time and it begins the last Sunday in March. Next month the call will be at the regular time.

To help emphasize that clocks need to be changed, I will post some pictures of clocks tonight.

Shangai Customs House - Bund - Daylight Saving Time - Shanghai, ChinaI like this clock on the Customs House tower in Shanghai, China. The Customs House is on the Bund, one of the most picturesque locations in Shanghai.

China does not observe Summer Time, so they would not need to turn these clocks back.

Eastgate Clock - Chester, England - 2nd most photographed Clock  - Clock Tower on Bridge

Here is Eastgate Clock which is the second most photographed clock in England. There is actually a clock face on all four sides. Eastgate Clock is on a bridge over a street. This is taken from the side at the bridge level.

You can read more about this clock in my post: Photogenic Clocks

Someone will need to set the time back on this clock in a few weeks when the EU begins Summer Time.

So, what is the most photographed clock in England?

Big Ben - Elizabeth Tower - Clock Tower - Most Photographed Clock - London, England - Iconic ClockProbably not hard to guess that the most photographed clock is Big Ben.

Big Ben is actually the nickname of the bell that chimes, but the whole clock tower is commonly known as Big Ben.

The clock tower does have a name. Until 2012 the structure was known as Clock Tower, but was renamed Elizabeth Tower to honor Queen Elizabeth II.

The clock faces are 23 feet in diameter, the minute hands are 14 feet long and the hour hands are 9 feet long. Just a little bit too big to hang on your wall.

I am thinking about what clocks I need to change tonight. Most of my clocks will change automatically. My computers, phones, i-Pad and cable box will all change on their own. I will have to change the clock in my car, the microwave and my alarm clock.

The important thing is that I am not late for church tomorrow as I am teaching class. I did see that one church in Nebraska is starting an hour late tomorrow so that people don’t lose an hour of sleep.

I should be going to sleep now, but have to work on my PowerPoint presentation šŸ™‚

Did you set your clock forward?


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6 Responses to Clock Change Time

  1. Glenda McDougal says:

    We made the change quite easily as it’s cloudy, so we can’t tell much difference …

  2. Sheryl says:

    Great clock pictures! I always feel like I’ve made it through another winter when Daylight Saving time starts–though this year there is still a lot of snow on the ground.

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