Holy Land Fauna

This morning our sermon was about Gideon which started my mind wandering to a really cool picture that I took at the Spring of Harod. My mind then wandered to some of the other fauna that I saw in the Holy Land.

Trithemis kirbyi dragonfly at the Spring of Harod - Gideon's SpringThis picture is featured in my post Harod Dragonfly. You can visit the post to find out why Gideon was at the Spring of Harod.

This is a Crocothemis erythraea or Scarlet Dragonfly.

Red Fox, Israel, Tel Bet She’an, Herod the FoxJust before visiting the Spring of Harod we were at Tel Bet She’an. When I looked down from the top of the Tel I saw this red fox walking down the road. I am glad that I was high above the road. To see a picture from the other side of the Tel looking down on the Byzantine city of Scythopolis, visit my post Up to Jerusalem.

Chameleon, Jezreel, Israel, Common ChameleonThe same day we also visited Jezreel. Just after getting off the bus I spotted this Chameleon. Unfortunately I was not able to get a full picture as it quickly disappeared into the rock wall. I really like the green and black color.

Tel-Hazor Lizard Stone HazorI also thought about a lizard that I had seen at Tel Hazor the previous week. You can see a few more pictures of it at Hazor Lizard.

Columba livia - Rock Dove or Rock PigeonOf course we saw lots of pigeons, but this is one of my favorite pictures. I took this picture at Nebi Samwil.

To learn more about pigeons click on: Doves or Pigeons?

To learn more about Nebi Samwil click on: Unfolding History

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into the fauna of the Holy Land. I have more pictures, so you may see a sequel 🙂


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2 Responses to Holy Land Fauna

  1. Great shot of the pigeon! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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