Cherry Chocodile Twinkies

Have you seen the Limited Edition Cherry Chocodile Twinkies?

Cherry Chocodile Twinkies, Cherry Filling, Twinkies, Hostess, Valentine's DayThis is the second Valentine’s Day themed Hostess snack cake that I have seen this year. See Red Velvet CupCakes for the first one.

Of course, I had to give them a try. I knew that they would be a lot like the Chocodile Twinkies, but I wanted to see how the Cherry flavored creamy filling tasted.

Chocodile Twinkies, Cherry Twinkies, Cherry Flavored, Valentine's DayThe box is nicely decorated with hearts and also some nice cherries.

Chocodile Twinkies Wrapper, Chocolate, Twinkies, Individually WrappedI was not surprised at the packaging of the Cherry Chocodile Twinkies since I knew that the regular Chocodiles were wrapped in a white wrapper.

Chocodile Twinkies, Valentine's Twinkies, Cherry Flavor, HostessTo be honest they are not the nicest looking snack cakes. To me they could do a much better job with the chocolate coating. However, it is a stable coating and is not messy to eat.

Cherry Chocodile Twinkies, Valentine's Twinkies, Cherry Filling, Cherry Flavor, Hostess Snack CakesThey do look nice once you bite into them, and also have a very nice taste. I really do like the Cherry flavor with the cake and chocolate.

I think that I like the Red Velvet CupCakes better though 🙂


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3 Responses to Cherry Chocodile Twinkies

  1. Glenda McDougal says:

    They look delicious …

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