Old Nature Guides

In my office I have a neat little set of old nature guides. Tonight I am only going to share a little bit about them. I plan on doing more research, especially about a few items that are written, pasted or stamped in them.

Flower Guide, Wild Flowers East of the Rockies,Chester A. Reed The first one is Flower Guide: Wild Flowers East of the Rockies by Chester A. Reed. This revised edition was published in 1920 by Doubleday, Page & Co.

You can tell by the scan of the cover that it is well worn. The guide looks like it was used on a regular basis. More about that in a future post šŸ™‚

Flower Guide, Wild Flowers East of the Rockies, Chester A. Reed, Nature GuideThis guide is the same title, but is a 1923 edition. The book is not as worn as the 1920 edition, but I don’t think it is just because it is three years newer.

Tree Guide, Julia Ellen Rogers, Trees East of the Rockies, Doubleday, Page & Company, 1926The third guide is Tree Guide: Trees East of the Rockies by Julia Ellen Rogers and is published by Doubleday, Page & Company in 1926.

This guide is also well used. It looks like it may have been carried in a back pocket as it is looks like someone sat on it and cracked the covers. They are just the right size to carry in a pocket.

You can also see moisture stains on this one and the first one. I can just imagine the many hikes that these guides were carried on.

Now to find out more about them.






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2 Responses to Old Nature Guides

  1. Sheryl says:

    Somewhere I think that I have a couple small nature guides that look similar to the ones you have–though I think that mine are a little newer. I remember really liking some of the drawings in them.

  2. Glenda McDougal says:

    Interesting …

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