Dr. Sattler

Tonight I ran across a picture while I was looking for something else and my mind wandered away to the past.

Dr. D. G. Sattler, Dwight G. Sattler, Doctor, Anatomist, Kalona, IowaThis is a picture of the doctor who delivered me. I was intrigued by the fact that he was shown with a microscope.

I decided to take a quick look and see what I could find out about Dr. D. G. Sattler. The one thing that I knew was that he delivered babies at the Washington, Iowa hospital since that is where I was born 🙂

I soon found out more about Dr. Sattler by doing a google search.

One of the first things that I ran across were some articles from several different medical journals, including one titled Experimental Hypertension and the Neurohypophysis in the Endocrinology journal. The article stated that he and the co-author were affiliated with the Department of Anatomy, College of Medicine, State University of Iowa in Iowa City, Iowa. I also found that he was a member of the American Association of Anatomists.

A literature search found that some of his articles are still cited in medical papers today. He definitely made a contribution to the field of anatomy.

Wellman, Iowa, Kalona, Iowa City, Washington, Google Maps

Google Maps

In the map above you can see Iowa City in the upper right corner. This is where Dr. Sattler did his research. His private practice was in Kalona which is in the middle of the map. At the time we lived in the country near Wellman and you can see Washington at the bottom of the map.

I also found out that Dr. Sattler was Major Sattler in WWII when he served with the US Army.

Dr. Sattler passed away in 1991 at the age of 79 and is buried in the Sharon Hill Cemetery in Kalona.

Dr. Sattler was well respected by the local community and his memory lives on.

Sattler Field, Mid Prairie High School, Wellman Iowa, Dr. SattlerThe Mid-Prairie High School football field in Wellman is the Dwight Sattler Football Field. There is also a Dr. Dwight G. Sattler scholarship for students who attended the high school and plan on a career in health care.

It was interesting to find out more about the doctor who delivered me. Especially that he worked in anatomical research.


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6 Responses to Dr. Sattler

  1. Amazing! I was shocked to see this post, but shouldn’t have been knowing some of your history. Dr. Sattler would have delivered me, but he was on a fishing trip! I lost weight after birth and was below 4 lbs when his fishing trip was finished. He changed me to a different formula and I started gaining, but still left the hospital under 4 lbs. I think it was Dr. Beckman who delivered me. Thanks for posting! When my sister was born (after 4 brothers) Dr. Sattler put into the Kalona News, an announcement stating that my Mother finally got her dishwasher!

  2. Boomdeeadda says:

    I’m sure he’d have a smile on his face to know you’d thought of him fondly after all these years. How many remains a mystery…hehe Happy New Year Steven. Hope all’s well with you.

  3. Glenda McDougal says:

    Interesting …

  4. This is my grandpa! Love to stumble upon this!! Glad to know he made such an impact 🙂

  5. Penny Hopper says:

    This is all very interesting. My husband and I recently went to an Estate Sale (yard sale) where I bought some old bottles. One of the bottles is a medicine bottle with a label on it. The label has D.G Sattler, M.D. and C.W. Beckman, M.D. Kalona, Iowa on it. It was very fascinating to learn about these Doctors

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