Three Snow Scenes

I decided that it was time to start sharing some of the many holiday items that my Grandma saved for her Scrapbooks.

Thanksgiving is now over and we can now look toward the next holiday.

I am not sure if these items came from Christmas cards or whether they were just items that were cut out of magazines or newspapers. What I do know is that they are all beautiful.

Snow Scene, Village in Winter, Horse and Sleigh, Winter SceneHere we have a little village that is covered with snow. I like the little touches of red in this scene. The little red houses and the red of the horse drawn sleigh.

If you look close you can see people walking toward the church building. Perhaps they are headed there for a worship service. We also see a couple riding in the their sleigh that probably have the same destination.

Snow Scene, Village in Snow, Country Snow Scene, Little Village churchHere is another little village that is blanketed in snow. You can see that the road has seen a little bit of traffic, but no other signs of people out and about. We do see some smoke coming from the chimney of one of the houses.

The scene looks so peaceful. I can imagine sitting by the fire reading a good book before heading to bed on this cold winter night.

Village in Snow, Red buildings in Snow, Church in Snow, Winter time, ScrapbooksHere is the third snow scene. Again we have red buildings that contrast with the white snow and the dark blue night sky.

It must be really cold as you can see smoke coming from almost all the chimneys. We also have people walking to the church building. Perhaps they are heading for a Christmas Eve service.

Again it is a peaceful scene. I remember many scenes like this when I was growing up. A nice heavy snow fall seems to quiet things down except for the sound of snow plows clearing the streets. Snow days were a time to spend at home. Sometimes staying inside to keep warm, but also going out and playing with the neighborhood kids.

I am also remembering that special feeling of coming into a warm house after spending time outside in below freezing temperatures. For those of you who have never experienced this it is hard to describe.



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6 Responses to Three Snow Scenes

  1. Great pictures. I love these idealised images of Christmas!

  2. Sheryl says:

    These scenes remind me of cards my family received in the 1960s. We used to hang them around the living room doorway so that we could enjoy the pictures throughout the holiday season.

  3. Boomdeeadda says:

    I think it’d be a lot of fun to travel by horse and slay, unless of course it was cold out. Can you imagine -20 and driving with your windows down and no heater on…that’s about it. Do Californian cars even have a block heater or heater in them?

  4. Glenda McDougal says:

    Remembrances of my childhood days.

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