Late Fall Orchards

One of the cool things about living in orchard country is seeing the orchards change over the year.

Now that it is late fall many of the orchards have lost most of their fall leaves, but that doesn’t mean that they have lost all their color.

Late Fall Orchard, Rainy Season, Grass between trees in orchard, winter grassNow that the rainy season has begun the leaves have come off of the trees and the grass is greening up. I really like driving by orchards that are well kept and see the beautiful rows of trees. They all have a nice symmetry as the trees are planted in a grid.

This orchard looks very nice with the grass growing between the rows of trees. You can easily tell which way the irrigation lines run in this orchard.

Orchard, Late Fall Trees, Green Grass in orchard, Yellow LeavesHere is a view of an orchard looking across the rows of trees. In this picture the irrigation lines are running left to right, in fact if you look close you can see the black lines.

This orchard still has some of the leaves remaining on the trees. Can you imagine what it looked like when all the trees were full of yellow leaves? However, when the trees were full of yellow leaves you would not have seen the beautiful green grass. So make sure you photoshop the green grass out in your mental picture.

Orchard in fall, orchard in winter, Orchard CountryHere is another orchard that doesn’t have grass growing between the rows of trees. Some of the orchards have grass and others don’t.

Cherry Orchard, Late Fall, Colorful trees, Persimmon TreeThis orchard still has a lot of leaves left on the trees. I know that this one is a cherry orchard. What I really like in this picture is the large persimmon tree to the right. It is loaded with fruit. It would have been nice to pick some to take to a friend who likes to bake persimmon cookies.

For some similar pictures from spring time look at my post Orchard Sunset.


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2 Responses to Late Fall Orchards

  1. Uncle Spike says:

    They look like massive orchards, and so well-organised too.

  2. Glenda McDougal says:

    Lots of work to keep up.

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