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Off to Summer Down Under

This evening I will be leaving for a business trip to Sydney, Australia.

I am ready to leave the California Winter and enjoy a bit of summer.

I am currently implementing the Packing Formula and almost have the final result.

The blog will be more of a travel blog for the next few weeks, but I am certain that other items will creep in. There are a few holidays in February that may get some attention. Plus, the Olympics.

Koala - Sydney, Australia - Taronga Zoo - Koala at Zoo - Down Under ZooSo what do you think of when you think of Australia?

Do you think of Koalas?

Sydney Opera House - Time Travel - Sunset - Sydney Harbour - SeagullOr, maybe beautiful sunsets over Sydney Harbour and the Opera House?

Sydney Opera House - Red Canna Lillies - Royal Botanical GardensMaybe some beautiful flowers? Can you tell that this picture was taken in Australia? Look closely and see what is in the background.

Saltwater Crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) Big TeethI won’t be in the Outback to see a crocodile, but I will probably visit this one again when I go to the Taronga Zoo.

Sydney Daisies - Asteraceae - Daisy - North Ryde, Australia - Red DaisyI am hoping that there are some beautiful daisies growing near the hotel. I hope that it is not too late in the year for them.

You can see my Sydney Daisy posts here: I, II, III

What kind of pictures do you want to see from Sydney?


Ankerstein - Anker Building - Anker Church - Blocks




California Winter

Today felt a lot more like winter in California.

We have had a very dry winter and the temperatures have not been consistent with a normal winter. We have lower lows and higher highs because of the absence of cloud cover.

California Winter - Rainy Season - Altamont Pass - Rain CloudsIt was nice to wake up this morning and have a wet driveway when I went out to pick up the newspaper. I am not sure how much rain we received, but every little bit is needed.

It also felt like winter as I headed over the Altamont Pass for work. YOu could see the rain clouds in the distance and the road was wet.

The same weather dynamics that are bringing bitter cold and snow to the rest of the country are keeping California dry. Hopefully better weather is on the way to my friends to the east.

Altamont Hills - Altamont Pass - Winter View? - Golden HillsVisit my post on Colorful Hills to see what this view should look like at this time of year. It should be nice and green, but instead is more the brown tones of summer.

I am hoping that when I return from my trip in three weeks that it looks more like what it should in the winter time. We do have more rain in the forecast.

Dark and Dreary California Winter - Altamont Pass - Rain Clouds - Traffic in the RainOne more dark and dreary California winter picture. Here is the view as I approached the top of the Altamont. Raindrops on the windshield and wet roads were a welcome sight.

Hopefully there will be many days like this over the next three weeks while I won’t be driving in it.

Wishing better weather for all,


Ankerstein - Anker Building - Anker Church - Blocks