Classic Christmas Cards

This evening I took another trip back to the past through my Grandma’s scrapbooks. I found some classic Christmas cards in a 1960 scrapbook.

Christmas Cheer - Classic Christmas Cards - 1960 - Snowy woods

I really like this card with the little boy tramping through the snowy woods. The weather cannot be too cold as the beautiful blue stream is still flowing. I love the contrast of the blues and whites and the little touches of color in the card. The card definitely lives up to the Christmas Cheer caption.

Classic Christmas Card 1960 - Church Building in Winter - Snowy Scene

I find this card interesting. At first glance we see a snowy scene of a church building and two houses as seen through a window. But wait, why is there snow on the sill and at the top of the window? Perhaps this is meant to be a mural painted within an old window on the side of a building. Or maybe there is just some artistic license here to have snow on the window. In any case, I really like this card. The colors are vibrant and they contrast nicely with the bare trees and snow.

Classic Christmas Card 1960 - Church Building and Parsonage on a Silent Night - Snowy Christmas Scene

I saved my favorite card for last. I really love the blue color of this card. The brightly lit windows of the church building contrasting with the dark parsonage beside it. The stars in the sky with the one large bright star. The stark simplicity of the silhouetted trees. The scene brings to mind a Silent Night, but I am sure that if you were within this card you would hear beautiful voices singing praises.

I hope you enjoy this selection of classic Christmas cards as you get ready for the holidays.


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12 Responses to Classic Christmas Cards

  1. Beautiful! I once had a pretty Christmas card I liked so much, I ended up having it framed. There are some really talented card artists out there.

  2. I like the last one too. Is the artist’s name on the card?

  3. vanbraman says:

    Only the cover of the card is pasted in the scrapbook. And pasted well. I would probably destroy it if I tried to take it out and look at the back :-).

  4. Please don’t try to take it out. Some things should just be enjoyed and I can wonder about the rest. Thanks for sharing these cards.

  5. Sheryl says:

    The cards are beautiful. They bring back memories of being a child during the 1960s–and hanging cards similar to these around a doorway in our living room.

  6. Boomdeeadda says:

    Those are so nice, I love vintage Christmas cards. I pinned that aqua one of course. Thanks for sharing your Grandma’s scrapbook with us.

  7. Mom says:

    Yes thanks! So glad they were saved and not tossed, and that you do share them 🙂

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