Christmas Season

You can definitely tell that it is the Christmas season. As I was out walking tonight I could see that many houses are now lit up or have decorations in their yards.

Christmas Decorations, December Walk, Christmas LightsI didn’t see any that were decorated this much, but I did walk by the house where this picture was taken two years ago. I think they must have moved as they only had minimal decorations last year.

Red and White Flowers - Feast of St. Stephen - Good King WenceslasThe stores are also full of Christmas decorations and many displays of toys and other holiday gifts. Christmas cards are also starting to flow through the postal service.

60's Christmas Greetings, scrapbooks, old Christmas cardsThis reminds me of Classic Christmas Cards that my Grandma saved in her scrapbooks.

Red Candle on Black Background - Classic Christmas Card - Holiday Card - Red CandleI also wrote a post about Classic Candle Cards a few years ago that included images from my Grandma’s Scrapbooks.

Christmas Carol - Time Travel - Charles Dickens - TravelIt is also a time to look forward to reading A Christmas Carol. I will often read this classic by Dickens in December. Perhaps you will watch one of the many renditions on TV instead 🙂

Grandpa Braman - A Dicken's Christmas? - Full White Beard - Top HatI also think of my Grandpa during this time of the year. Partly because his birthday was in December, but also because he was the town Santa Claus in Hamburg, Iowa for many years.

For the other side of my family I can think about two Christmases. Did you know that some of the Amish celebrate two Christmases?  See my post Amish Christmases.


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